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Great Barrier Reef Tours

Travel to Outer Reef and marvel at the wonder of the worlds largest marine park...The Great Barrier Reef.

Whether you want to Snorkel, Dive or just hang around and enjoy the scenery Down Under Cruise and Dive has the facilities to offer you the perfect day at the reef. Enter here for more information or call our friendly reservations staff on FREECALL: 1800 079 099

PADI Dive Courses

Select from Open Water (Learn To Dive), Advanced, Rescue, Divemaster and Instructor Courses

Down Under Cruise & Dive is a multi-award winning PADI Diver Training Provider with over 20 years experience. With 50,000+ certifications under its belt, Down Under Dive provides world class instruction to students of all ages, offering the latest in equipment and teaching technology.

Helicopter Packages

Reef and Helicopter combinations for a thrill you will never forget!

For an extraordinary day on the Great Barrier Reef, combine your Osprey outer reef cruise with an exhilarating helicopter flight. Enjoy a spectacular view of Cairns city as you take off towards the world?s largest coral reef system. Experience the sheer size and beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and gain a true appreciation of one of the seven...

Cape Tribulation & Daintree Rainforest Tours

See the best that Cape Tribulation has to offer with the choice of Single Day Tours or Overnight Packages

Enjoy a unforgettable experience of fun, discovery and adventure exploring the majestic rainforest, pristine rivers and white sandy beaches of the world heritage listed Cape Tribulation and Daintree National Park with our professional, friendly and experienced guides.

Tour Packages

See everything that Cairns and Far North Queensland has to offer and SAVE money with a selection of exciting Tour Packages.

Why spend all your precious time booking tours when you can select from a wide range of tours to create the perfect holiday. Choose from locations such as Kuranda Scenic Railway, Skyrail, Cape Tribulation and The Great Barrier Reef and you can customise the dates to fit your timetable. For more info call FREECALL: 1800 079 099
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